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How To Apply

Now accepting applications for pilot projects on non-human models.

Applying for resequencing or genotyping services through the NHLBI RS&G Service involves five steps. All five steps are explained below in detail.

Step 1: Read the application guidelines and instructions.

Please click on the appropriate link below for guidelines and for instructions specific to the service being requested:

Step 2: Download the appropriate application template (resequencing or genotyping).

Application templates are available below. Questions? Contact us.

Step 3: Complete the application using the template provided.

Complete the application using the appropriate downloaded application template and use font size no smaller than 10 point. The description of your request and analysis (section 4.2) for pilot projects on non-human models may not exceed 2 pages. The application for human studies is limited to a maximum of 10 pages. The required supporting documents are NOT counted against the page limits. Please submit all your application and supporting documents in Portable Document Format (PDF) only; other formats will not be accepted.

Step 4: Return to this Web site and sign in.

Sign in by following the "Register" or "Sign In" link on the left side of the home page. If you are new to this site use the registration form to enter the email address and password that you will use in the future each time you sign in to the site.

The registration process will email you a registration confirmation. Follow the link in the email to confirm your registration. You will be asked to provide input on the process upon confirmation. This input is entirely optional. However, we greatly appreciate your feedback.

Step 5: Submit the completed application.

Once you have completed the application using the appropriate downloaded application template, return to this site, sign in, and click the "New Application" link to begin the submission process. Then complete the following:

  • Enter the project title, abstract, and service type on the Project Description page, and click the "Save Project" button.
  • Upload your application and supporting files on the "Supporting Document Upload" page. Specify the document type, and select the file itself, then click "Upload."
  • After all files have been uploaded click the "Next Step" button.
  • Review your application on the "Summary/Audit" page.
  • When you're satisfied with the application, click the "Submit Application for Review" button. This action will take you back to the My Applications page. Please note that the status of the application has changed from "In Progress" to "Submitted." Only applications marked as "Submitted" will be considered for evaluation. You can still make edits through the application submission process to an application that is marked as "Submitted" up to the submission deadline.

Application Review Process

The application review process begins after the application deadline and concludes with a status decision, accepted or rejected, for each application. This process will be completed and all applicants informed of their applications status within 3 to 4 months following the application deadline. More details can be found in the Application Process section of the FAQ.


Please review our FAQ section which contains answers to most commonly asked questions. If you still have a question our Contact Us section contains a list of contacts depending on the question's subject area.